Is Functional Medicine the Right Solution for Me?

Functional Medicine

Are you living with a chronic or complex condition for which you can’t find relief?  Or maybe you are looking for that overall feeling of wellness: pain-free, energetic, just plain feeling good? Functional medicine is for people like you who are searching for a more effective way to develop and maintain optimal health. The goal of functional medicine at Root Causes is to work with you to create a holistic picture of you and your health, not just your collection of symptoms. With this full assessment, we then develop a personalized plan to meet your specific needs, abilities, and wellness goals.

What’s wrong with the old healthcare model?

For the last few decades, we have all become accustomed to the “acute-care model” or “sick-care” model of medicine, which asks, “what is the name of the condition?” and “what is the prescription or device or surgery that fixes this condition?”
This model works very well in acute disease, and many lives have been saved because of it. The advances in sick-care have been dramatic and profound over the last hundred years, and we are all the better for it. For example, antibiotics treat infections like pneumonia or cellulitis, emergency surgery for a heart attack, a cast for a bone fracture. These are all acute situations that require immediate intervention.
The challenge comes when the “acute care” or “sick care” model is applied to chronic conditions where multiple, often longstanding factors are contributing to a complex illness. By applying the acute care model to chronic and complex conditions, we use the wrong model, which results in the wrong solution—every single time.

A better approach to understanding health

The functional medicine approach used at Root Causes Medicine asks a very different question:

Why are these symptoms occurring in you?” and “What are the unique interventions that will lead to improvement for you?”

When we ask the right question, we quickly realize that there are many potential answers. There are billions of combinations of outcomes since each individual has a unique genetic makeup. Your genetics and your environment (including lifestyle, nutrition, stress, mental and psychological history) all have huge impacts on overall health. Lifestyle changes are the hallmark of every patient’s treatment plan, and small, consistent changes can lead to significant improvements in your wellness.

Advanced treatment options are at Root Causes. We dig deeper into the underlying and often hidden causes of illness and use natural methods whenever possible to relieve symptoms and reverse disease progression.

Schedule your assessment with Root Causes today and take your first step to optimal health and wellness.